Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Its FIFA WC-2014 in Brazil!

I am not a die hard fan of world's largest and most popular game i.e. football aka soccer. Even, I don't know much terminologies of this game. I used to see the matches when the world fair of this game i.e. is world cup is arrived. This year, I will watch the third football world cup consequently. I came across this game eight years ago when world cup was organized first time in Asia i.e. in Korea and Japan. 
I watched several matches and tried to understand basic rules of it. Basic reporting of every match in that world cup was done by me for Marathi daily Punyanagari in year 2006. My uncle was working as editor for Pune edition in Punyanagari newspaper. I wrote several articles on game as well as many footballers too. It was the time when I learned or understood the football but I never played it yet. I used to see contest till late night. I observed several footballers, especially forwards and goalkeepers. Brazil's Ronaldo and Germany's goalkeeper Oliver Kahn were my favourite players in 2006 world cup. I used to cut the newspaper cutting and pasted them in my notebook. Still today, I have that notebook with me. The final match of world cup when France's Zinedin Zidane became famous by his infamous head-kick, I have watched it live. I was having a TV tuner card connected to my PC for live streaming. I have kept records of 2010 WC also for my reference But, I never watched any league match of football yet. The world cup is one of the festival of game that forces you to get into it.
This time also I am enthusiastic to watch the soccer live from Brazil. It is not so late. Lets see who make it favorable...