Wednesday, October 28, 2009

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MNS factor in Nashik

The Maharashtra Assembly Elections 2009 are proved a major strong hold of Maharashtra Navnirman Sena in Nashik. In last elections of Loksabha 2009, the MNS factor worked well in Nashik but did not approached to the victory. But, this time MNS has given a major shock to the candidates from BJP, Congress, NCP and Shiv Sena. All of their major leaders collapsed in this election.
From the start itself Nashik was considered as centre fort of Maharashtra Navnirman Sena. But current elections finally proved it. I did not shocked by these results. The leaders from the major political parties get frustrated after the results. I think this was natural reaction. They also filled a complaint against MNS for fake voting. Even the leaders from winner party of Maharashtra that is Congress alliance were also involved in this complaint! It showed real frustration of them. Raj Thackeray has given a new face to the Maharashtra politics, he has to maintain this face and has to work according to that. I observed most of the youth believes on him. They found their aggression as leader in Raj Thackeray.
Raj has given a special attention towards Nashik in his whole political career. So, Nashik citizens are having special affection for him. Now all three MLAs of Nashik city belong to MNS. They should work accordingly. They have to fulfil the expectations of the citizens. I think the MLAs of MNS will form a base for the growth of the party in all over Maharashtra. They must be aware of that. One more point I would like to mention that MNS must not have to stick to few points, they should have to broad their points of growth. This will be beneficial for them in upcoming days…!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

I and My Mother tongue

Very rare persons will be there in the world who are not having proud of their language. I am not the exception for it. My mother tongue is Marathi and I am proud of it.
I completed my education in my mother tongue. It was a proud moment for me that I have given respect to my mother tongue. At the start of my technical education learning process, I was unable to understand the English language. That time, I realised the importance of this foreign language. But, I am ashamed of being a Marathi. I have worked hardly on English and got a good command on it. Till that point, my education, my profession needs only English; I did not forget my mother tongue.
I watch more Marathi movies than Hindi. The same is true about songs. When someone speaks in my mother tongue I always feel proud. I also have to mention here that when Raj Thackeray speaks in Marathi to English news channels I feel proud. I think one has to teach their language to at least one person. We are lucky that we are Indians. We are able to speak at least three languages. We can increase this number by teaching and learning the language.
Talking about Mumbai, there two Marathi persons did not speak in Marathi! This is a shameful moment for a Marathi person.

Quality or Quantity?

What is your opinion about today’s education system? It is right system? If you ask this question to me, I will answer, no. Even about the technical education also my answer will not change. Everyone is focussing on the quantity but not the quality. Government is just increasing the number of colleges and produces the graduates. But, what about the quality? It is not there. They are just increasing the quantity that’s all…!
These two things that is quantity and quality are inversely proportional to each other. Whatever increases another one decreases. So, when the quantity increases, it becomes so difficult for us to maintain the quality. Consider, when the number of IITs are increased to 50, can you guarantee that all of students will be qualitative? The answer is, No.
I made my thought about IITs here, not about the other general institutions. Our education system is based upon the results. That is, one is analysed by the marks that he/she has obtained in the examination. No one thinks that how much knowledge the person is having? I saw; when it is started to give the 20 marks from the school itself to students, the result of the 10th standard in increased dramatically. But no one has checked what type of quality they have produced from it? The same is also applied to the diploma in engineering education. When 80 + 20 marks pattern is started in diploma, students also started getting good marks for which they are not actually liable. This is the case for all 99% colleges of the Maharashtra state. Here also no one has analysed that how students are started good marks…!
When I checked the Java Programming papers of MSBTE Winter examination 2009, I got nearly 40 percent students of the third year were failed…! I have noted down their numbers and checked their results after declaration on the internet. It was very surprising for me. Most of the students got ‘condole’ in Java Programming…! As per 80+20 pattern, some students got 13+12=25! (failed!), 18+13=31 (condoled!), 08+10 (failed, this was amazing!). What can we do on this…? I thought paper checking is only the work of donkey. I can’t fell into this…!
We must have to care about the students, but at what extend? There should be some limit. If a student is qualitative or any average student, then we can care about him/her. But if he/she is not liable for any marks then how can you give them. As mentioned above, a student got 8 marks out of 80 and 10 out of 20 then whose mistake is this? This is how we are making our student as a fooooooool……..!
Increasing quality is a team effort. Everyone has to work on it. It is not an individual that some Mr. abc will increase the qualities of the students and others will point to him as a stupid person…! We have to realise our duties as the citizen of India. We are making the future of country. If we focus on quality rather than quantity, we will get a good reward of it. But this is a slow process. We must be conscious…!

My First Voting

It was 22nd April 2009 when I voted for the first time in my life. The voting was for Loksabha Elections 2009. Before these elections, I was against the voting. But, as the citizen of India, I realised the right of voting at right time. The candidate to whom I voted was also liable. This is also one of the positive points in my voting. My candidate won this election by record number of votes. The difference was nearly more than 1.5 lacs of votes. Thankfully, my first vote was not a failure…!
I always worry about the election commission of India that they have distributed the voting cards falsely. In each of the cards we will find some mistakes. I don’t know; what types of persons are sitting for making the voting cards? Regarding my voting card, my birth date was wrong. It was not containing the logo of election commission…! And the most important thing is that, the ‘Duplicate’ was printed on it…! Even I did not get the original identity card…!
The card was returned back. I used the passport for my identity. For first time when I voted, the election officers of the polling booth did not recognize the passport identity…! I told them that this is my passport. For the second time also I used the passport for voting.
Second time, I voted for Legislative Assembly elections 2009 (i.e. Maharashtra Vidhansabha Elections 2009). The day was 13th October 2009. But for this time I was not sure about the victory of my candidate. I thought the right of voting is my duty. So I performed that. I always realised that the highly qualified people does not vote for the country. That is the reason why the politicians can easily make the illiterate people as fool. When the qualified people will their voting rights, the change will occur. So, be an ideal citizen use your right of voting…!

Decision: Right or Wrong?

When I wrote my first blog, its name was ‘Missed Ways’. You can find this blog on I have uploaded all of my articles on this blog. But why such a name was given?

I think almost 50 percent people can not predict that what they want to be in their life? They think they will be such a person but they change their way according to the situations occurred in the life. This is also true for me. I was a good student in my class when I was studying in my rural areas of Pimparee Pendhar (Junnar, Pune). Till 8th standard, I even not heard about the computer. But, after 10th I was confused to set my way of career, because I was in a total rural area and unknown to these ways. By the advice of my uncles, I took admission in diploma in computer engineering. As the college was near to my native place, it was not difficult for me to go to the college. This time I was really upset that I have not taken admission to 11th standard. I always think this traditional way of learning. I was frustrated in the first year itself because I was not understanding the English. In the second year, the fees of was risen to 18,000 rupees. So it was decided to leave the college. But my father has managed the fees from one of the locals. Finally I completed my diploma with very good marks and stood 17th rank in Maharashtra computer engineering merit list! It was a golden day for me. Due to this I got admission in Maharashtra’s top ranking engineering college that is COEP.

One more thing I have to mention that the fee was 15,000 rupees. I paid 10,000 rupees at the time of admission and I was not having 5,000 more to confirm the admission. This time also I was on the verge of cancelling the admission. But my father again managed the fees and on the final day, I took the admission. After this my real struggle began. I will not mention whole of this here. In the final year, I was struggling for my campus placement. I had decided to get selected through the campus only. But through out the year, it did not become possible for me. I was having the knowledge, but not the other things which are required to enter in the software company. Almost 80 percent of my friends were already selected in the software companies. It was the matter of tension for me. But this did not end here.

After passed out, I was struggling for the job. A lot of experiences (especially bad), I got in Pune. Finally I decided to join the lecturer-ship. All my friends think that this was the foolish decision. I neglected all the companies when I made this decision. In the month on January 2006, I was selected in one of the best company of software field. I did not mention name here. I hid this from everyone. I attended the interviews of many engineering colleges, but I did not get selected in any of them. Because of my college COEP they thought that this fellow is attending the interview for timepass. Now this period was the matter of great frustration for me. I was having full belief on myself. Finally, the call is made from Nashik. I was not having any other chance to enter in the field of education. So I decided to join. But, till all of my friends think my decision I wrong. This is all about my missed ways….

Today also I am under full tension on my decision. No one is supporting me. What image, I made in front of them? No one is saying that a guy from COEP should teach in a diploma college for the period of eleven months annually…! After four years what is in my hands? Who knows?
What decision I have to take now….?

Who is Gandhi?

On the day of Gandhi Jayanti, I always used to think about the Mahatma Gandhi. We are celebrating the birth day of father of our nation but the future that is, the youth of the nation is unknown to the works of this great Mahatma. Today, 99% of the Indian youth does not appraise the values of Mahatma Gandhi. They think illogically about the virtues of Gandhi. Most of them refuse to call him as the father of our nation. Even most of them call him as the father of Pakistan! I think Gandhi has not been truly recognised by our youth. That is our bad luck…!
First of all, remember that the period of Gandhi and today’s is totally different. We know that there were certain controversies among Gandhi and Bhagat Singh, Gandhi and Savarkar, Gandhi and Bose as well as Gandhi and Ambedkar. But all of them were great at their place. Because, all they were fighting for the freedom of the country. Gandhi’s path was the path of total peace, which was only the difference. Due to this the Indians are recognised as the peaceful peoples in the world. I think Mahatma Gandhi was totally right. Most of persons from his party also do not recognise the virtues of the Gandhi. That is the greater bad luck for all of them. Though, today Gandhian thoughts are considered as old thoughts. They are purely great at their place. Before, making Gandhi as wrong one has to read the literature written on him, especially his biography. Today’s youth only hears and makes their mind. But they have to understand the real Gandhi.
Have you seen Lage Rago Munnabhai? I think most of you have seen. Then what you have taken from it……? Nothing…….. Please try to understand the Gandhi.