Sunday, April 29, 2012

Recursive full-forms

In the world of computing, we found a very interesting story about the concept of abbreviations and the full forms. Some of the full forms of the abbreviations used in the computing are recursive! That is, their full form itself contains the short form as the first word of it. Few full forms are not officially distributed but I think they are created. It is very interesting to know these full forms. I am giving top five abbreviations here:

1.   GNU
It is an open source operating system created by Richard Stallman. Most of the open source software has GNU license. Its full form is:
GNU is Not Unix

2.   BING
It is the search engine from Microsoft. Its full form is assumed to be: Bing Is Not Google!

3.   WINE
It is an open source software that is used to execute Windows application programs on Linux system. Its full form is:
Wine Is Not Emulator!

4.   PHP
PHP is a server-side scripting language originally designed for Web development to produce dynamic Web pages. Its first full form was “Personal Home Page” but now it is PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor!

5.   Linux
It is a free and open source operating system. Actually, we know that Linux Torvalds has developed this system so its name in Linux. But someone has interestingly given its full form as Linux Is Not UniX.   

Other acronyms are:
    ACME - Acme Company Makes Everything (also A Company that Makes 
    AROS — AROS Research Operating System (originally Amiga Research 
               Operating System)
    Allegro — Allegro Low LEvel Game ROutines (early versions for Atari ST 
               were called "Atari Low LEvel Game ROutines")
    BAMF - BAMF Application Matching Framework
    CAVE — Cave Automatic Virtual Environment
    Cygnus — Cygnus, Your GNU Support
    EINE — EINE Is Not Emacs
    DIMS — DIMS Ingenius Musical Solutions
    GiNaC — GiNaC is Not a CAS (Computer Algebra System)
    GNE — GNE's Not an Encyclopedia
    GNU — GNU's Not Unix
    FIJI — FIJI Is Just ImageJ
    INX — INX's Not X (a UNIX clone)
    JACK — JACK Audio Connection Kit
    JOE — Joe's Own Editor
    KDE — KDE Desktop Environment
    KGS — KGS Go Server
    LAME — LAME Ain't an MP3 Encoder
    LiVES — LiVES is a Video Editing System
    MOST — MOST Official Sneeze Tracking[citation needed]
    MiNT — MiNT is Not TOS (later changed to "MiNT is Now TOS")
    Mung — Mung Until No Good
    Nagios — Nagios Ain't Gonna Insist On Sainthood (which is a reference 
                 to the previous name of Nagios, namely Netsaint)
    NiL — NiL Isn't Liero
    Ninja-ide - Ninja-IDE Is Not Just Another IDE
    PHP — PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor (originally "Personal Home Page")
    P.I.P.S. — P.I.P.S. Is POSIX on Symbian
    PINE — PINE Is Nearly Elm, originally; PINE now officially stands for 
              "Pine Internet News and E-mail"
    PNG — PNG's Not GIF (officially "Portable Network Graphics")
    RPM — RPM Package Manager (originally "Red Hat Package Manager")
    Scaled — Scaled Composites: Advanced Link to Efficient Development
    SPARQL — SPARQL Protocol And RDF Query Language
    Qins — Qins is not Slow
    TiLP — TiLP is a Linking Program
    TIP — TIP isn't Pico (name for earliest versions of nano text editor)
    UIRA — UIRA Isn't a Recursive Acronym
    Wine — Wine Is Not an Emulator
    XBMC — XBMC Media Center (originally Xbox Media Center)
    XINU — Xinu Is Not Unix
    XNA — XNA's Not Acronymed
    YAML — YAML Ain't Markup Language (initially "Yet Another Markup 
    Zinf — Zinf Is Not Freeamp
    ZWEI — ZWEI Was EINE Initially

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  1. Good collection of Recursive abbreviations. I would like to conclude that, these form of abbreviations are actually framed on "what IT'S NOT" rather than, "what IT IS". I feel like giving my upcoming project, the name like these ones.