Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Swine flu pact...

I visited Pune last fortnight for some official purposes (i.e. training program). Before that, I heard about the swine flu’s impact on Pune citizens. On average, two persons die in Pune everyday because of the H1N1. But, most of the citizens were totally free from the fear of swine flu. They reminds that, we will get died some times, than why not today? When the death has to come, it will come. Then why to fear? I surprised that how this tendency is developed in the minds of citizens?
When I entered in Pune, I was aware of this capital city of swine flu in India. So, I was also having fear of the swine flu. But, after some time I saw most of the citizens were free of the masks. I was confused by watching such situations…! After that, I also threw my mask (handkerchief…!). For all the five days, not even once I wore the mask on my face. I realised my power of resistance is very strong. Most of Pune citizens also think positively on this issue. They think only the person gets affected by H1N1, whose power of resistance is low. Still the swine flu effect is continuing in Pune. Government should have to take more aggressive steps to control the flu. Even in my training program, a lady used to wear the mask almost all the time, except the meal…!

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