Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Talented Person

A strange world….I always see it in most of the cases. Last fortnight, I was on the training of Microsoft Office Project 2003 software. It was held at Cusrow Wadia Institute of Technology, Pune. Most of the resource persons were from various industries of Pune. For first two days, we were taught only theoretical parts of the Project Management. We were totally aware of that. But afterwards, that is, from third day, Mr. Mukund Nadgowda was the resource person to teach the practical. He was retired army man working at YASHADA, Pune as system analyst. I impressed by his practical hands on MS Project 2003. I forgot about the theory of Project Management that studied in last two days and got involved in practical implementation of the project management.
Like myself, Mr. Nadgowda is not very strong physically, his personality was also not that much impressive, but he was very keen to teach. Because, he was having a good command on the practical implementation. I personally believe 99% on practical and only one percent on theory. Therefore, I found my image in him. He was not given that much respect as that was given to other ‘theoretical’ resource persons…! I think the respect should be given to the knowledge of the person not to his physical body and ability to speak only. I found other persons that were managers from various industries were lying on the theoretical prospects of the project management. But, the man like Nadgowda was a full strength teacher, not worrying about the remuneration paid to him. I thought, a teacher should be like this. Whatever knowledge that I have regarding MS Project 2003, that is because of Mr. Nadgowda. I really thank to him………
From most of such cases, I realised that nature always imbalances the person in knowledge and physique…


  1. Dear Tushar,

    I was just casually surfing the Net when I came across my name on your Blog. Believe me, I was totally touched by your earnest remarks.

    I tried to find your contact number, by contacting so many Kutes in Nasik, but was not successful. Anyway, it will not be too long before we speak personally.

    Once again, thank you for your comments and opinions.

    - Mukund Nadgowda.

  2. Proud of you Mukund!!! But then the response was expected. That;s how you are.

    Keep It Up!!!!

    Tushar Sampat

  3. That was a great....

    I also appreciate the people who are so talentes...

    Congrats... Mr. Nadgowda.....


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