Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What's your Rashee?

Almost after 5-6 months , I watched a Hindi movie in theatre. It is due to Ashutosh Gowariker only. Because, I appreciate the movies made by him in past years. I was aware of the story of the movies before going to watch it. The movie was good. Especially, I appreciate the acting performance of Priyanka Chopra in this movie. From the movie ‘Fashion’ of Madhur Bhandarkar itself, I found Priyanka has turned into a powerful actress. She is not more heroine……she is now actress…!
The concept of the movie is very nice and interesting. Harman Baweja also has performed very well. While watching the movie, I always confused whether he is Hrithik Roshan? Harman is very similar to Hrithik. He should have to create his own image now. I have watched only the movie ‘Victory’ of him. He has a lot time to improve himself. Speaking about the performance of Priyanka, her first role in ‘Mesh-Kanya’ (Anjali) was very very impressive. Not only this, but all twelve roles that she has played were very much good. I liked the roles of Hansa and Dr. Pooja. If I told to choose any one of twelve kanyas, I must have chosen any one of these two…! The last role of ‘Makar-Kanya’ (Jhangana) was tremendously influenced by the make-up men…! It was one of the best make-ups.
Overall, this romantic comedy movie was pretty good. The songs, I heard a good ‘soft’ music in Hindi movies almost after the gap of six months. I also heard the voice of Alka Yagnik after a long period. Thanks to Sohail Sen for that. Hope this movie will win various awards in different categories……

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