Thursday, October 22, 2009

My First Voting

It was 22nd April 2009 when I voted for the first time in my life. The voting was for Loksabha Elections 2009. Before these elections, I was against the voting. But, as the citizen of India, I realised the right of voting at right time. The candidate to whom I voted was also liable. This is also one of the positive points in my voting. My candidate won this election by record number of votes. The difference was nearly more than 1.5 lacs of votes. Thankfully, my first vote was not a failure…!
I always worry about the election commission of India that they have distributed the voting cards falsely. In each of the cards we will find some mistakes. I don’t know; what types of persons are sitting for making the voting cards? Regarding my voting card, my birth date was wrong. It was not containing the logo of election commission…! And the most important thing is that, the ‘Duplicate’ was printed on it…! Even I did not get the original identity card…!
The card was returned back. I used the passport for my identity. For first time when I voted, the election officers of the polling booth did not recognize the passport identity…! I told them that this is my passport. For the second time also I used the passport for voting.
Second time, I voted for Legislative Assembly elections 2009 (i.e. Maharashtra Vidhansabha Elections 2009). The day was 13th October 2009. But for this time I was not sure about the victory of my candidate. I thought the right of voting is my duty. So I performed that. I always realised that the highly qualified people does not vote for the country. That is the reason why the politicians can easily make the illiterate people as fool. When the qualified people will their voting rights, the change will occur. So, be an ideal citizen use your right of voting…!

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