Thursday, October 22, 2009

Decision: Right or Wrong?

When I wrote my first blog, its name was ‘Missed Ways’. You can find this blog on I have uploaded all of my articles on this blog. But why such a name was given?

I think almost 50 percent people can not predict that what they want to be in their life? They think they will be such a person but they change their way according to the situations occurred in the life. This is also true for me. I was a good student in my class when I was studying in my rural areas of Pimparee Pendhar (Junnar, Pune). Till 8th standard, I even not heard about the computer. But, after 10th I was confused to set my way of career, because I was in a total rural area and unknown to these ways. By the advice of my uncles, I took admission in diploma in computer engineering. As the college was near to my native place, it was not difficult for me to go to the college. This time I was really upset that I have not taken admission to 11th standard. I always think this traditional way of learning. I was frustrated in the first year itself because I was not understanding the English. In the second year, the fees of was risen to 18,000 rupees. So it was decided to leave the college. But my father has managed the fees from one of the locals. Finally I completed my diploma with very good marks and stood 17th rank in Maharashtra computer engineering merit list! It was a golden day for me. Due to this I got admission in Maharashtra’s top ranking engineering college that is COEP.

One more thing I have to mention that the fee was 15,000 rupees. I paid 10,000 rupees at the time of admission and I was not having 5,000 more to confirm the admission. This time also I was on the verge of cancelling the admission. But my father again managed the fees and on the final day, I took the admission. After this my real struggle began. I will not mention whole of this here. In the final year, I was struggling for my campus placement. I had decided to get selected through the campus only. But through out the year, it did not become possible for me. I was having the knowledge, but not the other things which are required to enter in the software company. Almost 80 percent of my friends were already selected in the software companies. It was the matter of tension for me. But this did not end here.

After passed out, I was struggling for the job. A lot of experiences (especially bad), I got in Pune. Finally I decided to join the lecturer-ship. All my friends think that this was the foolish decision. I neglected all the companies when I made this decision. In the month on January 2006, I was selected in one of the best company of software field. I did not mention name here. I hid this from everyone. I attended the interviews of many engineering colleges, but I did not get selected in any of them. Because of my college COEP they thought that this fellow is attending the interview for timepass. Now this period was the matter of great frustration for me. I was having full belief on myself. Finally, the call is made from Nashik. I was not having any other chance to enter in the field of education. So I decided to join. But, till all of my friends think my decision I wrong. This is all about my missed ways….

Today also I am under full tension on my decision. No one is supporting me. What image, I made in front of them? No one is saying that a guy from COEP should teach in a diploma college for the period of eleven months annually…! After four years what is in my hands? Who knows?
What decision I have to take now….?

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  1. There are no rigt or wrong decision because...

    There are two way of living
    1] Accept it what is changed or
    2] Change that you can accept

    * this post is confusing me..