Thursday, October 22, 2009

Quality or Quantity?

What is your opinion about today’s education system? It is right system? If you ask this question to me, I will answer, no. Even about the technical education also my answer will not change. Everyone is focussing on the quantity but not the quality. Government is just increasing the number of colleges and produces the graduates. But, what about the quality? It is not there. They are just increasing the quantity that’s all…!
These two things that is quantity and quality are inversely proportional to each other. Whatever increases another one decreases. So, when the quantity increases, it becomes so difficult for us to maintain the quality. Consider, when the number of IITs are increased to 50, can you guarantee that all of students will be qualitative? The answer is, No.
I made my thought about IITs here, not about the other general institutions. Our education system is based upon the results. That is, one is analysed by the marks that he/she has obtained in the examination. No one thinks that how much knowledge the person is having? I saw; when it is started to give the 20 marks from the school itself to students, the result of the 10th standard in increased dramatically. But no one has checked what type of quality they have produced from it? The same is also applied to the diploma in engineering education. When 80 + 20 marks pattern is started in diploma, students also started getting good marks for which they are not actually liable. This is the case for all 99% colleges of the Maharashtra state. Here also no one has analysed that how students are started good marks…!
When I checked the Java Programming papers of MSBTE Winter examination 2009, I got nearly 40 percent students of the third year were failed…! I have noted down their numbers and checked their results after declaration on the internet. It was very surprising for me. Most of the students got ‘condole’ in Java Programming…! As per 80+20 pattern, some students got 13+12=25! (failed!), 18+13=31 (condoled!), 08+10 (failed, this was amazing!). What can we do on this…? I thought paper checking is only the work of donkey. I can’t fell into this…!
We must have to care about the students, but at what extend? There should be some limit. If a student is qualitative or any average student, then we can care about him/her. But if he/she is not liable for any marks then how can you give them. As mentioned above, a student got 8 marks out of 80 and 10 out of 20 then whose mistake is this? This is how we are making our student as a fooooooool……..!
Increasing quality is a team effort. Everyone has to work on it. It is not an individual that some Mr. abc will increase the qualities of the students and others will point to him as a stupid person…! We have to realise our duties as the citizen of India. We are making the future of country. If we focus on quality rather than quantity, we will get a good reward of it. But this is a slow process. We must be conscious…!

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