Thursday, October 22, 2009

I and My Mother tongue

Very rare persons will be there in the world who are not having proud of their language. I am not the exception for it. My mother tongue is Marathi and I am proud of it.
I completed my education in my mother tongue. It was a proud moment for me that I have given respect to my mother tongue. At the start of my technical education learning process, I was unable to understand the English language. That time, I realised the importance of this foreign language. But, I am ashamed of being a Marathi. I have worked hardly on English and got a good command on it. Till that point, my education, my profession needs only English; I did not forget my mother tongue.
I watch more Marathi movies than Hindi. The same is true about songs. When someone speaks in my mother tongue I always feel proud. I also have to mention here that when Raj Thackeray speaks in Marathi to English news channels I feel proud. I think one has to teach their language to at least one person. We are lucky that we are Indians. We are able to speak at least three languages. We can increase this number by teaching and learning the language.
Talking about Mumbai, there two Marathi persons did not speak in Marathi! This is a shameful moment for a Marathi person.

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