Saturday, January 23, 2010

I was confused…!

Almost after a long gap of 3 years, I have confused while answering the question asked by a student in the class. I always focus on the practical implementation of the concepts given in the book.
That was the day 18th January, when I was conducting the practical of my subject Microprocessor. I always prepare for the practicals very well. Even I have confident on my practical skills than that of the theory. I was teaching the instruction set of the microprocessor on that day. I demonstrated the uses of the instructions to the students practically. One student had asked me about the use of one of the microprocessor’s instruction which he could not understand. I was knowing the use of this instruction, but I got confused while solving his problem. Practically, I failed to tell him the answer. I was frustrated at that moment. I realized the flaw in my teaching that time and found my preparation and implementation was not good. It happened after almost three years. Though, the time span is larger, I was not a proud moment for me. I always tried to be perfect in the teaching, but such a little moment had taught me a lesson. It has realized me to be perfect in each and every concept that is taught by me to the students. Hope, again such moment won’t happen with me in my coming career.

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