Saturday, February 27, 2010

A crore salutes to you… Sachin

Who is the greatest ever cricketer on this planet? No one will hesitate to answer this question. That’s Sachin Tendulkar…
Currently, at the age 37, he is in his top form of ever seen. I thank and congratulate Sachin for entertaining us and feeling us proud that we are also Indians like you! The day on which Sachin has made first ever double ton in one day international cricket, was one of the historical day in world cricket. That day, I was in college and was watching the score online on When I saw that after the wicket of Sehwag, Sachin was moving towards his century very fast, I realized that he will complete his century now. But, as we Indians does not satisfy the performance of our cricketers. I also did not satisfy with that. I told to one of my colleague that, if Sachin won’t make double century today, there will not be any use of his career till! But, it was just a fun. I think I was having full confidence on Sachin’s abilities… that was reflected by my quote.
While leaving the college at 5pm, Sachin had crossed 150 runs. That day, I had traveled through the bus. When I entered the bus stop, I sent SMS to Amit for the score. He replied that Sachin is playing on 199 not out. I was too exited that time. I called my friend Arjun for score. He told me the score live! That Sachin has completed his double ton. It was a proud moment for all of us Indians. I sent the message of Sachin’s this achievement to all of my friends. When I reached to the mess for dinner, I saw the highlights of Sachin’s innings. One news channel was showing his innings in 20 minutes and one was in just five minutes! But I enjoyed it.
Next day, I read almost all the leading Marathi, English and Hindi news papers. I also read the online news portals and newspapers from England, Australia. They also praised Sachin’s achievement. On the esakal’s website, nearly 400 replies were found on the news of Sachin Tendulkar. He is just great. In the local news paper Gavkari, I read a poem composed by an advocate. It was very nice. I am writing it here…

थकून जातं वादळ!
तेही तुझ्या वेगाने धावत नाही,
इतिहासाच्या पुस्तकातही
नोंद विक्रमांची मावत नाही.

तुझ्यापुढे ठेंगणं वाटतं
म्हणून उंच व्हावं आकाशानं
अपुऱ्या पडतायेत दाही दिशा
म्हणून मोठं व्हावं नकाशानं

जेथे अस्त होतो इतरांचा
तेथुनच तुझा उगम होतो
तू जेथे उभा तेथेच
यश आणि किर्तीचा संगम होतो

तुझी महती वर्णू कशी?
तेवढं समर्पक वाक्य नाही
कारण, सूर्याची किरणं मोजणं
आम्हाला तरी शक्य नाही!

सचिन तेंडुलकरच्या नाबाद २०० धावांच्या विक्रमानंतर नाशिकच्या दैनिक गांवकरीमध्ये एड्व्होकेट श्री. अनंत खेळकर यांनी लिहिलेली ही कविता...

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