Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Highest Score Ever…

First year diploma in computer engineering… was the first real introduction to the English study in my life. Before this I just used to study the English as one of the subject in secondary education. That’s why, I found almost all the subject like Mathematics, Physics, Communication Skills, Electrical, and Electronics were new to learn. I had studied the Maths and physics before, but it was in total Marathi. I was even unknown to the English names of various concepts in these subjects. So I found them very difficult to understand and learn as well. This has forced me to mug up the things that I could not understand… It was the first time; I used to mug up in my education.
Gambhir sir was teaching us the physics. Our class strength was full, that is, it was 60. In that, almost 90 percent students were completed their 12th standard study also. So, they were knowing the concepts of the physics. By watching their knowledge and understanding, I was getting frustrated most of the times. Few times, I realized that I made a mistake by taking the admission in this stream; I must have gone for 12th standard study… I was highest marks getter in 10th standard. So, it was becomes a matter for pride for me. The student, who got 65% percent in 10th standard, was able to answer the question and I was not! Because, I was not understanding the concepts in English. When, sir has taken one test of 30 marks for the first time in class. I got 17 marks only! There were almost 40 students ahead of me! Most of them got out of marks! That time I found myself no where in the class study. Sir has punished the students who got less than 20 marks in the test. And of, course I was one of them!
For the first two months, I was unable to understand even the pronunciations of the English words. There are many definitions in physics, which starts with ‘It is defined as…’. Teacher has used to dictate these definitions and we used to write it down to the notebooks. In first two months, I was interpreting ‘It is defined as…’ as ‘It is different as…’ and I was writing this in my notebook without any understanding! When, I saw the notebook of one of my friend, then I realized the actual thing. The same was also given in the book also!
But as my study progressed, I have achieved understanding in English. I brought an English-Marathi dictionary and wrote down all the frequently used words in Marathi. For example, Force - बल, Acceleration - त्वरण, Resistance - रोध, Electricity - विद्युत, Motion - गति, Magnet - चुंबक, Lens - भिंग etc. I have tried a lot to understand the concepts written in English. This was just a start to increase the understanding power. I achieved it in measurable extent. Because, my aim was to cross the 40 students which were ahead of me! At the end of the year, I found myself successful. Because, I was the highest marks getter in Applied Physics subject with the score of 96! The most important factor was I was topper in physics in all the first year classes! In my whole engineering (Diploma + Degree), I appeared for 50 subjects, and 96 was my highest milestone of the marks!

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