Sunday, February 21, 2010

We use IT… because we need fast processing?

When I was studying in diploma in engineering, we used to wait for the results for long time. This ‘long time’ was of just 45 days! Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education (MSBTE) was declaring result in just 45 days after the examination were over. This was a trend created by MSBTE that time. We were sure about the declaration of result. We have praised the accuracy and time bounding of the technical board. But, as the time passed away and MSBTE used more Information Technology rather than conventional mediums, the declaration of the result delayed time by time. Now this trend has been created by MSBTE.
Why I am writing these all, because till more than two months are over after the examination but the result is not declared yet. If we think in terms of days, there are 70 days are passed after examination. During last few years, the MSBTE has started using the information technology aids to finalize and declare students results. But we found these ways has slowed down the process of results. Still, students are waiting for the results. Now, MSBTE has declared that the results will be declared at the end of the February. Why that much waiting for students? If technical board is not capable of doing their work in time then government must give this contract to any private company. They won’t work like government organizations. MSBTE must be prepared for their work in time. We all think that, ‘Technical education ministry of Maharashtra’ is not having any control over the MSBTE. Is it?

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