Friday, February 26, 2010

Finally... 100%

Working in education field for last four years, I observed that most of the persons (like eminent educationalists…!) judges a teacher by the result of the students given in the examination for the subject. This has made a real fact in most of the technical education institutes. It does not matter for anyone, what subject the teacher teaches. Can one give the result of subjects like Mathematics to 100%? If he gives, then he will be the best teacher in India. This is the angle of view towards the teachers.
I found most of the teachers have given 100% result for their subjects. Some of them are consistently giving the 100% result for any particular subject. But, the subjects are totally theoretical. Even while checking such papers, examiner does not bother about the contents written in such paper’s answer sheet by the student. Most of them just checks the length of the answer and give the marks. This fact is also known to the students, so they only write in the answer sheets. They don’t bother about the contents that they are writing in the answer sheet. Such subjects always give 100% results. I heard about a teacher that he was hardly teaching 1-2 lectures in a week, if he gets time. Then also, always the result of the subject was 100%. So, what it tells? The percentage of result does not depend only on the teacher but on the type of subject also.
I was teaching the programming subjects from the start of my teaching career. As the matter of logic building comes, students don’t use their brain to solve the question paper. Most of them were not intended to use their brains for the programming. I taught ‘Programming in C- FYIT’ three times, ‘Object Oriented Programming-SYIT’ three times, ‘Java Programming-TYIT’ three times and ‘Advanced Java Programming-TYIT’ one time. But, never gets the 100% result at any time. So, I was happened to be a bad teacher in my career. But some sort of improvement I achieved in my subjects. The results for the serial consecutive years for the subjects are as given below:
1. Programming in C: 50.00% … 76.27% … 91.93%
2. Object Oriented Programming: 65% … 75.38% … 81.53%
3. Java Programming: 72.50% … 90.76% …94.73%
4. Advanced Java Programming: 97.36%
Always, I got improvement from the previous results. For all subject except OOP, I was moving towards, 100%. I was hopeful about all three subjects to get the 100 percent result. Finally, I achieved this by getting 100% students passed in Java Programming this year. Two of them were passed on 40 marks. I realized that, it was the best output of my efforts that I have taken for this batch specially. I also appreciate all the students from 1st rank to 60th rank for their study. I was expecting 10 students to reach the landmark of 90s. But, only one student achieved this. But, it does not matter for me. Students got good marks and it’s satisfactory. Most of these students are having good practical knowledge. I hope they will utilize this in the upcoming subjects to face their final examinations.
I wish All the best for their future…!

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