Sunday, February 21, 2010

Differentiate the Computer Engineering and Information Technology

In the year 2001, I heard about the information technology for the first time. Now this is one of the branches of engineering stream. I was studying in final year diploma in Computer engineering. Our college has started this new stream of engineering in that year with intake of 60 students. We have heard that this new branch is very similar to the computer engineering branch, but it is software oriented. But I was not having the actual idea that what Information technology contains?
After declaration of final result, most of our friends were thinking to switch from computer to IT. Because, it was made possible to transfer the branch from computer to IT. We heard many times about the information technology on television channels. So, it was also known that future of the world lies in information technology. That time also we were not having clear idea of it. While filling the forms, we have preferred computer engineering rather than information technology. Alternatively we have given choices of computer and IT. I got the first choice itself. So I started studying in the computer engineering branch. Even a single diploma batch was not passed out from IT so, all the seats to direct second year were allotted to diploma computer engineers. This was advantages to all the students. Even a student having 77%, also got admission in prestigious college, like COEP. This was the first batch of IT, which was studying parallel with us. Most of the subjects of IT branch were similar to us. But some sort of difference that I feel, university has made between us. The papers of IT were very simple than computer engineering. It was very easy to pass in IT rather than computer. Even the students who got less percentages than us, passed and scored very easily in all the subjects. Whatever hardware subjects that computer was having, were absent in information technology branch. So, the myth was spread that IT has software and computer has hardware. It was somewhat true that time. It was proved when the embedded company like ‘Socrates’ did not allowed IT engineers in their campus interview. They have recruited only Computer and E&TC engineers.
When I searched through most of the ways, I found the exact difference between computer and IT. I also found that this branch of engineering is only present in India but not in the outside world! The main difference I searched from the rise of IT by Mr. Pramod Mahajan in year 2000. It was differentiated with IT company management and Data communication through computers. I am not differentiating this in deep. I expect the view from the readers. If you know the difference between then you can mail me:

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