Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Why Separate Telangana?

The issue of separate state of Telangana is burning on the top in India. Nearly Rs. 250 crores of lost occurred in this issue. I don’t know; what injustice has given to the Telangana part of Andhra Pradesh. Even some days ago, central government also approved the proposal to this separate state without discussing this issue with the leaders. It was just strange that government is making two different states with the same language apart from Hindi!
After the independence, the states of the India are formed on the basis of the language. This was real effective solution to create the states. It worked in good manner in last many years. But today, most of the parts of the country are feeling uncomfortable with their same linguistics…! How can it be justified? Due to the approval of the Telangana, many new state expectations are also raised in all over the India. Strangely, it included many unheard parts of our country. For example, Gorakhaland, Vidarbha, Koorg, Mithilanchal, Bundelkhand, Harit Pradesh (!), Poorvanchal, Saurashtra, Marudesh, Rayalseema, Braj Pradesh, Kanouj etc.
Why the separate states are required? For progress? No…..Surely not…….

Let us see example of Jharkhand. This state was separated from Bihar in year 2000. But it did not progressed in last 9 years at any extent. It has only shown the political dynamicity in it. Nearly, 8 times in 9 years the chief ministers are changed! Actually, Jharkhand is very rich about the natural resources, then also is has remained the backward. The typical ‘Indian’ politicians such as ‘Shibu Soren’ and ‘Madhu Koda’ we found in this state. Then, how a new state can be justified? Only politicians are requiring the new state for their advantages.

It is strange that the national party like BJP is also supporting the creation of these new small states. What can be the reason behind this? Progress will not happen after creation the states. Actual political will power is required for it. People must oppose the creation of new state to retain our integrity. Supporting the politicians means supporting their ‘increment’ in the corruption. Please, do identify it. If you think, after separation, your region will be progressed; it is your blind belief. Progress depends upon the political will power and we all are lagging in it……..

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