Sunday, August 8, 2010

Group Study: Always beneficial

Engineering is all about the experimenting! It is not like the traditional study that we do in primary and secondary education. It’s my experience part. Those who made it traditional one, always failed to do so. The opinions are apart but the gains are always one who changes the scenario in engineering study.
We used to study group wise. Actually, it was a force that made us to study like this because; we were having draught of lectures in Government College. So it was compulsory to study by our own. Many things were not made clear to us. So, we used to study in groups. If one understands one topic he teaches to others. Hardly, there were topics remained which were uncovered by us. It is just like a study that makes us more knowledgeable. We did not join any classes to study the subject… even for mathematics-3! We ourselves were teachers of one another. Actually, we have taken the real benefits of being friends. It has boosted our confidence also. When we understand any topic by our own study, this boosting up of confidence always happens. I am talking about myself but don’t know about the others. The mugging ways of topics in engineering study did not help us in any direction. We have focused more on the understanding. This actually makes our mind more oriented towards creating the knowledge base in our brain.
I do remember the topic of AVL trees in the subject data structure. This question was asked for almost every time for 10 to 16 marks. We were dying to get these out of marks. We did not understand this topic. We were studying separately to understand the same. Finally, one of our friends understood this and he taught to others. Hopefully, the same is asked in examination for 8 marks. I thought we must have got the out of marks for it. Many of the topics from subject ‘electrical machines’, ‘operating system’, ‘computer network’, ‘advanced unix programming’ we understood by the help of group study. We knew that teaching is the best learning. I am experiencing the same from last five years!
Whenever you teach the things to others, you became master in the same. Frankly speaking, when I was an engineering student several concepts were not clear to me. But when I started teaching these has made clear to me. When I completed my engineering, I was unknown to object oriented programming. But, as an interest I took this subject for teaching in my first year of teaching experience itself. Almost all of the concepts of C++ programming made clear to me afterwards. I have seen many of the students who teach to other students achieved a good command on that particular subject. Even, students studying in group also achieve good command on the subject.
I concluded that the way of studying in group not only benefited for engineering students but also for every category of the students. Knowledge sharing always increases the deepness of the knowledge…


  1. Yes! It works...I did the same..we were 6 people to Drill Down 6 Units in less than a week [Of course in PLs]....

    Con:Competition within a Group affects the above scenario..

    -Sandy Sabale

  2. very true.. indeed.. i have experienced the same.
    whenever i get the opportunity to teach someone or learn from someone i always grab it.. cause it increases my own subject knowledge and confidence..

  3. Let me tell you Tushar...
    Today, students have lost their ability to learn in group. They did not want to share their knowledge. I don't know why such happens? But, students should also be a good teacher and vice-versa...

  4. Thanks for your support Sandeep. I expect lot more suggestions from you.