Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Last year, I read news that Infosys mentor Mr. Narayan Murthy said that only 20% engineers are actually capable to work in industry directly, remaining others require the training. This is 100 percent true. But as the number of colleges in engineering field grown up, the percentage of skilled engineers is decreased down. Many of them are the forced engineers! It implies that the students who are not really capable of doing engineering are becoming the engineers! They did not wish to be engineers then also they are forced to graduate in engineering degree. On the other hand, the students who are actually fit and willing to be an engineer are not getting chance to enter in this field. These forced engineers had made the value of engineering field down.
Parents wish that my son or daughter should study for the engineering degree. They do not consider the field in which they son/daughter in interested in. We have seen this situation in Hindi movie ‘3 idiots’. According to me, one must learn the things in which he is actually interested. Last week I have seen a movie, ‘Accepted’ given by one of my students. It tells the same thing.

‘Accepted’ is the story of a student who is forced by his parents to get admission somewhere in the universities. He gets many of the reply letters from universities but all of these are ‘rejection letters’. His parents think that our son is not capable to doing anything. Finally, he finds the answer. He creates a fake university college named ‘South Harmon institute of technology’ and types a letter that his application is accepted in this university. Some of his friends also get hands together. They search a place away from main town to make it feel like university. Then what happens next that can be seen in the film.
At end, ‘Harmon institute of technology’ claims against this fake institute. Then they get a notice from the accreditation committee to keep their side in front. What the justification that they gives is nice one. One has to think about it.
Now almost all the branches and fields of knowledge are technically structured. There is no any concept of ‘scope’ for any particular branch. It depends upon the interest of one. If you are working in your interested field, they the scope of your improvement increases. That’s all

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