Monday, May 3, 2010

Facebook for divorce...!

Recently, I read news in British daily Sunday Mail. British marriage counselors claim that social networking sites like Facebook are contributing to separations and divorces.
According to the Sunday Mail, British divorce firm Divorce-Online said Facebook was cited in one-fifth of the divorce petitions it processed last year. It emerged that a number of bored middle-aged users in their 40s and 50s have had their lives thrown into turmoil as they try to reconnect with childhood sweethearts through the sites. Australian Family Relationships Clearing House manager Elly Robinson said online behavior was causing friction in households.

This is one of the examples showing that technology that affected our day to day life very deeply. We got many of the advantages as well as disadvantages too. Now, the news stated above shows both. The social networking sites on internet are very popular. In India, almost all the internet users know the Orkut. Likewise, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter are also popular. This trend of social networking is not much old. Just 6-7 years ago, MySpace has initiated this concept. Now, this is broadened. And almost all the internet users are connected with social networks. We found many of the old friends on these sites. We got the sharing of the information through such sites. Personally, I support the social networking sites. Because, if you use it positively then its very nice concept initiated on the web. But, now the world is going to face new challenge of using these sites. The one is stated above. I read few months back that the terrorists groups were started using the social networking sites to create new identities. This was also one of the disadvantages of these sites.
Many times we got youth are online on the websites chatting with their friends. But the news stated that middle aged users are now searching for their old sweethearts to get connected with them. This has caused many divorces in world and especially in USA and UK. Now, it is up to us how we use the modes of the technologies. This trend is not yet came to India. And hope will not come to our country! We must keep ourselves safe while using the technologies. It must not damage any type of the relationships. We must be aware the proper use of internet and its related resources.

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  1. it's right that the technology has merits and demerits. today the demerits are increased..