Sunday, June 20, 2010

Bright girl students required...

After the declaration of tenth standard results most of the Indian English and Marathi newspapers highlighted the fact that this time also the percentage result of passing girls is higher than that of the boys! I congratulate the girls for this achievement. Last time also after the declaration of 12th standard result the same headlines were flashed on the newspapers. I saw that, in all of the divisional boards’ girl students is result is better than the boys. We can not deny this fact. As the part of social commitment, newspapers also have to highlight the news.
I read a ‘comment’ given on this news by a reader. The comment was ‘Girls are just mugging the books and studying. So their percentage of passing is higher always. See the results of IIT’s JEE or GATE, UPSC and IIM’s CAT. Where girl students stood?’ After reading this comment, I realized that this might be true if we observe these result cleanly. I saw this year’s IIT-JEE result. The first girl student was on 17th position in all rank and same fact I observed in CAT results also. After this I found ‘something’ meaningful on the comment given by the keen observer reader on the news. Actually, today girls are progressing well as compared to the boys but most of the time I saw their way of studying is something different. As an example I can say that, I have seen many of the girls’ engineers who have not even opened their home computer’s CPU cabin to see what actually the computer contains? They got very good marks in their exams than that of boys but they were not having the actual practical knowledge. I can’t that that all of the girl students are like this. But the percentage is much higher than that of boys. Girls must have to think on this. Only theoretical study is not important. They must have to make themselves fulfill with the through practical study. They must have to change their approach in order the shut down the mouths of the ‘commenter’ that I mentioned for the above news…

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