Sunday, June 20, 2010

The sea of marks

I did not see the sea (sorry… ocean!) of marks before the declaration of the result of the 10th standard examination of Maharashtra state. I was surprised when I saw many of the students got 100 out of 100 marks. Hopefully, any of the students did not get the marks above 100! Because, in the sports’ marks of student some students got 21, some got 22 and at max 25…
I was funny to hear the marks of the students. Whatever the marks that I heard were above eighty! Now, we must think to make the first class above 80 percentages! I saw the results on the website of SSC board, there were more than 40 thousands students above 90 percentages! This was great! Now we are producing the bunch of ‘scholar’ students. How the ‘quality’ of these students is improved? I know that the sincere ‘efforts’ made by the education ministry of the Maharashtra state led the result improvement! I must congratulate them!
When I completed my SSC, it was very hard to achieve the 80 percentage marks. The student getting eighty percentages was called as brilliant students. Now, 50 percentages of passed students are made ‘brilliant’ by our educational policy. We were ‘unlucky’ that we did not get the education ministry like todays. After the introduction of pattern 80+20, the ‘quality’ of our students get improved so as the results! By this, schools go chance to improve the ‘quality’ of their students. They achieved a lot in that. The credit goes to the decision makers. After the introduction of ATKT pattern, again the Maharashtrian students stood top in their careers! They got many of the opportunities in their future. Our state ‘emperors’ did not consider why the students are failing but they only consider that after failing also how to improve the ‘quality’ of the students by giving them ATKT!
I must congratulate the state for introduction of ‘best of five’ pattern in SSC exams. This will be very useful to improve the ‘excellence’ and ‘quality’ of the students to stand still in practical life. Now, they must think on the ‘best of three’ pattern. They should have to give the name ‘super three’ to this and calculate the percentages accordingly. The ‘best of one’ pattern is also thinkable. In order to improve more and more quality, education ministry must fight against high court and even Supreme Court. If CBSE and ICSE is producing the brilliant qualitative students by 90 percent marks, then why not we? We must have to squander and shower more and more marks to our students so their ‘quality’ will be improved! We must not have to worry about the decision of any court in this country. Why the courts are made? They don’t know anything about our capabilities.
By all this, we will be able to improve the ‘excellence’, ‘abilities’, ‘knowledge’ and ‘quality’ of the students! So, the Maharashtra will be a proud state that we are having a large population of brilliant students!
Thanks a lot to the educational policies of the government and hats off to them…

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