Friday, June 4, 2010

Magic of Nature

I always think the nature is biggest controller of this world. Whatever the science that existed today, is only because of the nature. We observe the life cycle of the nature. The monsoon rain is one of the parts of it. It has become the part of life cycle of people in south Asia. Every year we eagerly wait for this monsoon.
I have observed several time in last few years that always 1st June has become the day of heavy rain. It was either a monsoon rain or a pre-monsoon rain. For only few circumstances, it did not happen till in my life. This year also it was a heavy rain fall on 1st June in Nashik. We enjoyed all these. I salute to the magic of nature. This time also the monsoon has reached in south Asia on time. It is in Kerala now. In coming two-three days it will be reaching in Maharashtra. Hope this year at least 100 percent monsoon rain fall will be there.
Due to global warming, we are changing the climate of the nature. This will be harmful for the life of human on this planet. So we must take care of such things. These are very small things, but have very large meaning. We must ensure the safety to the future generations of the human being…!

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