Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Vigyan Ashram: A Nice Concept

Why we take the education? We will get different sorts of answers for this question. At actual, the education makes us confident to live in this world. Education is the process of learning. Many times this learning becomes theoretical. Such type of theoretical learning does not help us to stand still in the living. I always believed that the practical things came first and then the theoretical followed. There is no any theory without practical. Only rarest persons like Einstein have found theory before practical!
Science is the thing which believes on practical things. While learning in the school, we have learned various things and actions as the part of science. But, the practical things were not there. This is the fact. In rural areas very less importance is given to the scientific practical doing. So, this is the reason why, we do not get confident about the theoretical things that we learned. In order to build this confidence, practical is necessary. Whenever we learn anything in our education, it should be compulsory to check this practically. But, the same system is not there in our nation.

I found a system following the principle of ‘learning while doing’ in a rural area. This is known as Vigyan Ashram. Three years ago, third year diploma students from computer technology branch had organized an educational tour to Vigyan Ashram. We heard this concept on internet. So we were curious to observe and visit this ashram. This place is actually situated at village Pabal in Shirur taluka of Pune district (Maharashtra). We needed to go via Rajgurunagar to reach this place. It is nearly 30 KMs away from Rajagurunagar city. The area is not that much bigger but nicely arranged to make it science oriented!
Vigyan Ashram believes in philosophy of ‘Learning while doing’. It is the same way by which we learn to speak our mother tong. This ‘natural system of learning’ teach us, without overburdening us by ‘teaching –learning’ process. Many of the students were following the principles there. I found some of the objectives of Vigyan Ashram on their website:
- Vigyan Ashram believes activity to hand is the quickest way to develop intellect.
- Vigyan Ashram believes multiple experiences helps in developing Childs personality.
- Vigyan Ashram believes various rural development task can be integrated with school education. Therefore by achieving purpose of ‘Education through Development … and Development through Education’.
- Vigyan Ashram believes in demystifying science. The scientific method - observation, measurement, recording, classification, documentation, exchange of information with others, developing hypotheses, testing them by further experiments and observation - is not only possible in every day life but it is in fact financially very relevant to all sections of society.
Such type of education system is always effective to make the student more practical oriented which is the current demand of the industries which requires well-skilled employees. Can we think on this?

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