Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Can we expect from young players?

After the defeat in ICC world T-20, Indian team lost to Zimbabwe in Zimbabwe for two times. Though the young players were sent to Zimbabwe triangular series this defeat was not expected. India’s second layer cricketers are also having potential to defeat any international cricket team. But then also India lost to Zimbabwe last time.

Zimbabwean cricket team is not that much strong to defeat the Indian team on any surface. They did not play any big international matches in last few years. In comparison with this Indians were much better cricketers. This must lay the selectors to think on it, to think about the abilities of the young Indian cricketers. All of the Indians have played the Indian Premier League very fine. They were confident about their game in this Indian league. Now it seems that Indian players have become greedy about the money. International games are not giving much money as compared to the IPL matches. So, now players are taking international matches very lightly. There is no matter of pride for them in international matches now. We have seen that many of the young and enthusiastic players were gone to West Indies only for the enjoyment. There were no matter for them about pride. They are made totally professional. They know that whatever we win or loose, we are going to get the same amount of money, then why should we make stress on us? They are thinking that we now having a lost of sources for income in cricket. It has made them so careless about the international cricket. They also know that there is no any option to the selectors. Such thinking of the young cricketers will make cricket down in our nation again.
Young cricketer Ravindra Jadeja did not learn any type of the lesson from his exclusion in IPL. Now, he is thinking that he is great. In same passion he repeated his poor behavior in World Cup too. He must be excluded from team for at least one year. Murli Vijay plays very fine while playing in India and for Chennai super kings but in Zimbabwe he played poor than a test player. Yusuf Pathan seems like a lottery for the Indian team. Many times he never plays the game but on few occasions he plays big innings. We don’t need such players.
With all these players’ comparison, Sachin Tendulkar is very far away. These young players must learn something from Sachin. How Sachin has reached in this position? I think, the players are unaware of that. Now the time has come to think on the rebuilding of Indian cricket team. Indian selectors must show their ‘actual rights’ to the players.

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