Monday, March 1, 2010

Mobile Story

Two incidents disturbed my mind today. One I have already mentioned previously in the blog. Second one was the story of the mobile rang in the class.
The college has not allowed the mobile for the students to use. Then also most of the students keep the mobile with them. They think it is the need for them! When I was about to start my lecture in class, one of the students mobile rang. It disturbed the class also. When this incident happened, I asked her to seize it to me. She was about to switch it off, then it rang for the second time. It has made all the students to laugh. Finally, it seized it. Using the mobile is against the rule so I applied it.
She was asked to write an application and take the signature of her parents. I did not give mobile to her today. Many times, such incidents happen when student blames teacher. But, as they are breaking the rules they must get punishment of it. So, they won’t repeat the same things again and again. Other students should also get a lesson from such incidents. In such cases, I did not bother about anything…

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