Saturday, March 20, 2010

Raskar’s Hexagon

While attending the international conference on ‘Computational Intelligence’, I got chance to hear keynotes from technical ‘key’ speakers like Dr. Mohammad Hasan and Dr. Ramesh Raskar this month. Dr. Mohammad Hasan is from Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh. He was a professor from Electronics department. He illustrated the technology of nano tubes, which can be a future replacement for the processor chips. It was amazing to hear his lecture. In the duration of one hour, he told most of the things about nano tubes. I got a new topic to research on, because currently I am teaching the subject of microprocessors. If the replacement to the microprocessor is found, definitely I will look after it. When Dr. Hasan was delivering lecture, I have observed his English pronunciations. It was nice. Though, he is living in India his English pronunciations were very clear and similar to British/American English.
The second I have to write about is Dr. Ramesh Raskar. He is an associate professor in MIT media lab, USA. Till the last day of the conference, I was not knowing who the Ramesh Raskar is? But by his I got the knowledge excellency of Dr. Raskar. He is specialist in computational photography. He got nearly 20 patents on his name in this research area. By certain demonstrations, I got the idea about the research. His first part of presentation was based on the computational photography and the later was on ‘Raskar’s Hexagon’.
How the innovative ideas are created? That, he has demonstrated by his own hexagon named ‘Raskar’s Hexagon’. In this he told to find the answer for the question, what next? I think being as an engineer we should have to think on this question… what next? Dr. Raskar’s hexagon was quite simple but was interesting. He told the generation of various ideas by both by incremental as well as decremental methods. That time, I thought students might have been benefited out of it. Innovation is the part of life of engineer. We should have the curiosity about the machines. Then only, we can create new innovations. This was understood by the Raskar’s Hexagon. I visited his website I got most of the information from this website. On Youtube a keynote speech of Dr. Raskar was uploaded. Its link is:
Rasker’s Keynote speech.
While visiting his website, I found he has completed his primary education from Marathi medium and then also he is a good speaker and most importantly he has completed his B.E. from COEP. That time, I feel proud of myself…!

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