Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Story of ‘Bits and Bytes’

I used to write articles for the newspapers from the age of 16 when I was studying in the second year of diploma in engineering. I wrote the articles in many of the newspapers especially in the ‘Yuva Sakaal’. But I did not get any chance to write regularly in any of the newspapers. When I shifted to Nashik in year 2006, my writing frequency went slow down. I wrote the technical articles for Marathi daily Sakaal’s Nashik edition. Nearly 9-10 articles published within these 1-1.5 years. Actually, I wanted to write the articles regularly as the official writer of the newspaper. Due to this reason, I wrote application cum letter to the daily Gavkari and daily Deshdoot. Only daily Gavkari gave response to my application. Because, with my application I had given the xerox copies of few of the articles published in daily Sakaal.
Mr. Shailendra Tanpure was news editor in Gavkari that time. He approached me on my application. My proposal was to write a general technical article on weekly basis. He has agreed with my concept. But, with this he suggested one more concept of writing the articles on daily basis. He asked, ‘can you write the articles on the history of computers daily as a column?’ It was a golden chance for me so I did not reject it. I accepted his proposal. It was the first week of the December 2008. I did not ask how much you will pay for me, because it was not the priority for my writing. I prepared nearly 25 articles on the starting history of the computers. For writing these articles in sequence, I referred the book provided by ‘Digit’ magazine named, ‘Fast Track: Computer evolution’. The book has given the short history of computing elements in sequence. I used that sequence to write the articles. I knew few things of the computer history, but most of these were unknown. While writing the articles, I found many of the interesting things from the computers and its historical background. I got a lot of increments in my knowledge about the computers’ history. I used many websites (especially Wikipedia) and videos to find the history of computing elements. Many times, I did not get enough time to write articles. But I managed it. Thanks to my stamina and willing power. Finally, I completed this series of articles on 31st December last year. I found few articles were remained out of the history of computers. But I thought this was the first series of articles on brief computers’ history in the history of Marathi newspapers.
It was suggested by Mr. Tanpure at the start of the article writing that, you may publish a book on these series of articles. After completion of the series I approached ‘Nitin Prakashan’ of Pune for publication of my first Marathi book on this ‘Bits and Bytes’. They responded me positively. On 19th February last month I met Mr. Avinash Kale of ‘Nitin Prakashan’. He appreciated my efforts and given me some encouragement for writing the books. Finally, I got the approval of my first Marathi book. It was not been the first because the first proposal of the translated book of ‘Puzzles to Puzzle you’ was pending. Currently, I ignored it and now concentrating on another Marathi book.

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