Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I have heard that Marathi people always try to pull the legs of other Marathi people. I found it true for most of the times. One of the good examples of this is the celebration of the Shiv Jayanti. We celebrate the festival of Shiv Jayanti for two times in year! One according to English calendar and other according to Marathi calendar! Previously we were celebrating the Shiv Jayanti according to Marathi calendar. But after some years politicians led historians found the exact date of Shiaji’s birth was 19th February. So we started celebrating birth day of Chhatrapati Shivaji according to that date. Then two incidents of the Shiv Jayanti have created. Actually, this has been created for the politicians for their own purposes. We general public is not interested in this. Only the fact is that, it has divided Maharashtrian people among them. The politicians are going to take only political means out of it.
I saw the Shiv Jayanti both times. What actually I realized that, many of the people who are so called ‘Bhakta of Shivaji Maharaj’ are not actually interested in the Shiv Jayanti celebration. They wanted to show their political power. They are making the use of Marathi people’s sentiments to gain the vote bank. Most of the political party workers celebrated the event with a great party and DJ around them! I thought they were dancing in the ‘Baaraat’ of one of their friends, who has just married! They have collected the money for the celebration from the people and just ‘enjoyed’ the Shivaji Maharaj’s birthday party! I don’t think, they are really interested in following the principles of the great king. He was one of the ideal kings of our nation. We should celebrate his birth day, but not by the indecent manner. The way should be by the following the principles of the Shivaji. One more fact that I must mention here that, today most of the people has misunderstanding about the Shivaji that he was the enemy of Muslim people. These rumors were spread by the people who hate the great king. Some of the political party workers are also involved in that. Whatever number of Muslims there were in Mughal’s army, the same number were following the Shivaji’s army. The political party leaders call Shivaji as ‘Hindavi Swarajya Sansthapak’ or ‘The Maratha King’. Is it the real case? By using such wording we are bounding the Shivaji in the boundaries of Religion and castes. This must not be there. He was not and is not belonging to any particular religion and the caste. He belongs to the whole nation.
We salute him million times…

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