Sunday, March 28, 2010

Potential of Rural colleges

Last week, I got chance to deliver an expert lecture to one of the polytechnic college in rural areas of Nashik district. It was a good opportunity for me to interact with more students as it is my hobby…
First time, when I got invitation; I did not reject it. When I visited the college my memories of my own college life refreshed…! Because, I also studied my diploma in engineering from rural area polytechnic college. I have realized the potential of the rural colleges is better than that of the many urban colleges. This is not only regarding the technical institutes but for the conventional courses too. The only difference between urban and rural students is that urban students are more confident about themselves but the rural are not. It is required to build the confidence of them. I also faced the same things when I was studying in diploma. When I got chance to study in Pune I was having knowledge but not the confidence. That was needed to be boosted. Knowledge and understanding of the rural college students is more and that is actually required to stand still in future. When we think about the urban colleges we get attracted towards the place where the college is. But at actual, the overall development decides the future of the students. I think the potential, understanding and learning abilities of the students are decided by their overall development. It does not matter that from which area you have studied.
I felt very nice after meeting the students. They have a bright future.

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