Monday, March 1, 2010


I always treated strictly with the students in case of time bounds because, this is one of the way to maintain the discipline. When I expect the discipline from the students I also bounded with it. From the start of the semester I maintained it with all the students.
Today, I got an extra lecture at 3.00 pm. My lecture is always scheduled in the time table during 10.00am to 11.00am. This is the first lecture of the day. Many times, students miss the bus so they come late. So, the tolerance of 10 minutes is given to them. I have followed this till. But, regarding the lecture or practical at 12.45pm and 3.00pm, the tolerance of timing is not given to them. Most of the times, students present in time for my practical. Today, students were unknown that, I am going to take their lecture at 3.00 pm. When I entered in the class, very less students were present. Even the strength of the class in the morning was just 55 out of 74. In the afternoon’s lecture, it was just 50 percent of the morning. So, most of the students came late after 3.00pm. I did not allow them to enter in the class. As, few of them were telling a valid reason, but then also I did not hear to them. I felt this badly. But, I was bounded by the rules of the discipline and obligation. If I would have allowed anyone in the class, students would have indirectly blamed me for partiality. So, I applied the same rule for the whole class. But, I think from the next time, students will take care of such things.

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