Thursday, April 1, 2010

Programming Varieties

Last month, I got a chance to judge a C programming competition in one of the engineering colleges in University of Pune. It was only second time I judged a programming competition. Previously, it was a C++ programming competition.
Almost all of the participants in the competition were from the same college. I remember in my college-hood when I used to participate in the C programming competitions. It has increased my logical power in most extent and forced me to think me logically. We were passionate to be the part of such programming competitions. Only, due to such competitions I saw almost all main engineering colleges in Pune.
When I was a judge, I saw most of the participants have created the same application program out of three problems given to them. Only one group; which was from electronics and telecommunication background created a different program. They actually won second prize. And, the group from second year engineering won third prize. I saw many of the students who cleared their first four phases of the programming did not perform the programs well…! Almost all the girls students failed to achieve final target. They reached to the final stage signifies their talent. But, they should sharpen it to achieve the final target.
Some of the students had done very well programs but not achieving it to hundred percent. Students have to participate more and more such competitions to sharpen their knowledge of programming. It actually shows; how much knowledge we have regarding the programming? Practice is the only way to improve the programming abilities.

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