Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Answers from Engineering Students

Yesterday, I got a very funny SMS about the answers given by the engineering students:
Engineering student’s method of answering the questions in the exam-
Q. Explain wein bridge oscillator [8-Marks].
Ans- 1) Wein bridge is an oscillator.
2) Wein bridge is a bridge kind of oscillator.
3) This oscillator consists of a bridge.
4) Wein is the name of the scientist who invented this oscillator.
5) There are many kind of oscillators.
6) For example- Wein bridge oscillator.
7) This is known as oscillator because it oscillates.
8) Thus this is how the wein bridge oscillator works.

The SMS was very nice and meaningful! Because, I have observed these things done by the engineering students while solving the question paper. When the student does not know the answer of the question he writes the answer in relevance with the question. Engineering student try to find the answer in the question itself. I think this ability is given by the pattern of the engineering education is India to the students. I have found many of such interesting answers from students some times.
I have taught the subject Java programming and C programming for four times. I also checked the final examination of MSBTE papers for many times. I found few of the interesting answers. In Java, many of the functions’ names itself suggest what they do. So, students take advantage of it. For example, if it is asked to write the meaning of ‘start()’ and ‘stop()’ methods of thread. Then students will always answer start is used to start and stop is used to stop the execution of the thread. I got such answers many times. This does not require any type of the study. Many of our engineers found the answers as it is required. They don’t know the answers but they only know what answer is expected…!
While checking one of the question papers of Java I found one student had scratched the contents of the page and one line was wrote at the bottom… ‘by mistake I scratched this page… so please check it’. One line was written at the start of the answer sheet was… I have not studied well so please check it lightly. One more funny quote I found from the Java’s answer sheet that ‘this question is out of syllabus so please give the marks.’ Actually, the question was there in syllabus. If his teacher did not teach that topic, they what I was going to do?
Not only for the engineering students but while checking the answer paper of ‘Management Information System’s paper one student wrote a new type of the network that is, VAN… Value Added Network…! It was funny. She created a combination of VAT + LAN. Actually, she was from commerce background.
Many students write the differences between two things with some topics in common such as efficiency, portability, cost, weight etc. Now I have habit of reading such answers.


  1. Excellent, You know after reading this blog I remember one incident of 6th standard. That time one of my English teacher (Namdev Dighe) asked one girl (Jagtap)spell and meaning of "Tiger". She stand up and replied immediately that "A", "N", "T" ("ANT") Tiger means Mungi (Chitti). Everyday teacher was starting from character "A" and 1st word was "ANT", but that day teacher started from "T" i.e. Tiger. It was so interesting after she answered this question.

  2. One more incident remember after reading this blog i.e. in Science paper one question was there Define "Samplavan" (I don't remember English word for this word thats y I wrote "Sapmlavan"), and that guy (Narayan) answered this question like---> "Jithe van (forest) sampte tyala "Samplavan" ase mhantat". So terrific answer..... wt u think???


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