Tuesday, April 13, 2010


The holy place Korthan (Tal. Parner, Dist. Ahmed Nagar, Maharashtra) is well known and famous for the Khandoba Devasthan. I have heard this place for many times but visited for the first time in my life. The place is situated in village Pimpalgaon Rotha in the same taluka. When we visited here, it was a off-season. So definitely there were very less number of pilgrimage. Almost equivalent to none. The annual festival was already celebrated this year. This place also famous for the racing of bullock carts. The roadway that is created for the racing was very tough for the general bullocks. Only special racing bullocks can cross this roadway. The Korthan place is actually not a village. It comes under Pimpalgaon Rotha which is situated nearly 4 kilometers away from the place.
We saw a shilalekh (message written on stone) on the wall of the temple. It was written in 14th century. The internal architecture of the temple was very nice and similar to other Hindu temples in the region of Maharashtra. In recent days, the new road is built under 'Pradhanmantri Gram Sadak Yojana' forming a shortcut from village Belhe to Korthan with just 15-20 minutes distance.
One must visit this place at least once.


  1. Thanks for posting such material. Good to read something about places near our home.
    I visited the place for first time last week. The temple is well constructed and maintained.

    We got to know about the new road that you mentioned when we reached Korthan. We used it while returning home to Alephata, it was a nice journey.

    keep posting such stuff.


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