Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Computer Course and Computer Engineer

I have seen many of the advertising posters like 'Become an IT engineer in 2 months' or 'Become an computer engineer in … months'. Such advertising makes me to laugh. How can one become computer or IT engineer in very few months? Does the advertiser know how to become an engineer?
Knowing the operations of the computer or knowing the applications of the computer doesn't signify that you are an engineer.
As importance of the computer and information technology grown in India; it has became essential to learn the basics of the computer. So, many of the small computer training institutes are started in small towns and even in the small villages. I saw a village nearly 5000 population was having four different computer training institutes. It reflects that the computer field has extended its wings deeply. Many of the computer training institutes advertise themselves to lure the youth to become an 'engineer'. They even don’t know the meaning of an engineer...! The computer training institutes teach some of the courses related to computers to make one as an engineer. For example, I saw one of the computer training institutes near to my home teaching basic computer hardware and they were certifying the people as hardware engineer! One of such computer engineers was not knowing what is the booting? He was only having the basic knowledge of the computer hardware. Then, how can we call him as an engineer?
Regarding software engineer also the same concept is applied. If the institute teaches the whole package of Microsoft Office 2007 on Windows Vista then the student is awarded with the software engineer degree. And if he completes both of the hardware and software then he becomes an IT or the computer engineer. Some of the institute also teaches C, C++, Java, Web Development to add extra credits to their students. I have seen the 'engineers' from such institutes are having only outline knowledge of the technologies. What the practical implementation that is required; is not there. I concluded one thing from it that the computer technology has created a vast area of employment for many of the youths. But, they should maintain the quality. We know that everyone is keen to learn about the computer and is enthusiastic to become the part of information technology world. So, the trainers should take care of their training. They students that they produce are not actual engineers. They are the computer users.
Last month, I met one of my friend's brother. I asked him,' what you have done?' So he told, ' I have done software engineering course and searching for the job'. It made me surprise that how fast he became an engineer. Actually, he was the same kind of engineer as I mentioned above. The engineering courses from the computer training institutes has lowered down the importance of an engineer. After few years if I tell, I am engineer then someone will ask me, 'From which computer institute you complete your training? If someone completes his MSCIT course from somewhere then also his parents tell others that our son is a computer engineer! How can you justify it?

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