Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Online Video Lectures

The world of internet has given us a lot that many of us are unaware of it. Many of the websites are providing the videos lectures by eminent professors. It is not possible to understand some of the concepts only by reading; some illustrations are required. We can get such type of knowledge by viewing the video lectures online. I have earned some of my knowledge by viewing and listening such lectures.
The lecture series consists not only technical lectures but the lectures from science, arts, and medical streams too. If you are having the unlimited use of internet then you can visit the following websites:

1. Learners TV
I have heard about this site some months ago. This site is providing the lectures from IIT on almost all the subjects of all the streams. For information technology and computer engineering this website is very beneficial. Because almost all of the topics’ videos lectures are available here.

2. Youtube
This is most viewed website of video content on the world. General internet user knows about it. Many of them think that only entertainment is provided by the Youtube. I think only 25 entertainments and 75 percent knowledge are provided by this website. Full length video lectures from MIT, Harvard, Boston universities are available on Youtube. Even we can find various full length lectures from IITs. This is the best site for all type of videos.

3. How stuff works
As the name suggests this website tell us, ‘How stuff works?’ Almost all the type of working information is provided by this site. It also contains a good set of video lectures seen online. The special section on videos is provided on ‘How Stuff Works’.

While searching the videos on Youtube, I got a video from This site contains many of the videos regarding the answer of question ‘How?’ Like how stuff works this website is also good for almost all type of the videos.

5. eHow
I didn’t know much about this site. I have visited it just few times. But it also have a good set of technical videos.

Other Sites:
Free Video Lectures
Academic Earth
Video Lectures: Exchange Ideas and Share Knowledge
Lectures from
MIT Open courseware
Yale University
Princeton University

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