Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Benefit of preliminary examinations

One thing I always realized that if you already know what type of challenge you are going to face in future, it does not become a great challenge. If you are having the experience of the situations then the percentage of the failure in facing the challenge always goes down. Why always the experienced persons are preferred everywhere? The answer to this question will be varied but similar to the answer of the question, why preliminary examinations are actually required?
If you are a cricket fan, may I ask why net practice is required? What I want to tell is ‘practice makes man perfect’ and ‘experience makes man more perfect’. This is the answer to the question of requiring the preliminary examinations. I faced the preliminary examination twice in my student life both in the tenth standard. For the first time I appeared for the preliminary examination conducted by my own school. That was the nice experience. I shared with my most bright colleagues. I improved a lot by this. I scored more than 90 percent marks in this examination. Second time I appeared in preliminary examination conducted by Shivsena. The political party, Shivsena always conducts such examination in Thane and Mumbai district yearly. I scored 85 percent marks in this examination. I stood second in the Thane district. I was felicited by Anand Dighe. This examination made me thoroughly prepared me to face the final SSC examination. Due to this, I scored more than 85 percentages in 10th standard. This was a best score that time!
I did not face the preliminary examination in my technical education. But, today many of the educational institutions are aware of importance of such examinations for the preparations of the students. Actually, the fact is that engineering students are not aware of the preliminary exams. They are not trying to get any benefit out of it. They are just considering it as a time-pass. Such attitude is very harmful for the technical education. It must be changed. The sincere students got benefited out of it but this number is very low. They are actually taking benefit of it but not spreading to their other colleagues. Or they are afraid of it. This will be beneficial for all the students if they take it seriously. What I told previously that ‘practice makes man perfect’ and it is 100 percent true. If you have attitude to get the benefit, then you can. If students considering it as a time-pass; then it is a time-pass made by themselves not by the institute.
When I was teaching in KK Wagh Polytechnic last year; Principal Prof. M.D. Kokate started the preliminary examination in the institute. I was teaching subject ‘Programming in C’ for first year IT. One of the students got 79 marks out of 80 in preliminary exam. He got 78 out of 80 in final examinations! His total score was 98 out of 100! No one had imagined that the subject ‘Programming in C’ can be scored till 98! The students got benefited out of it only the mindset is required. Now, institutes are looking after the progress of students but students are very negligence about their studies. It is reflected in the result also.

The preliminary examinations always give an experience to the students. They can know about the subjects and their question papers that they will face the final examination. Before facing the finals, we must be prepared with all aspects. This preparation will be given by such preliminary examinations.

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